During the YOUNG LEADERS INTERNATIONAL MEETING II EDITION in Rome, organized by SOS Europa,  one of the results was to create the network  I.A.N.G. (International association of network generation). I.A.N.G. is
an international network that will help NGOs to built trust, share  knowledge, ideas and skills to create new projects and realize long-term  cooperation. We want to make a circle of different associations to make  projects more inovative and improved. Also, we would like to include  associations which are not part of Erasmus+ program because this is a  good way for them to start.
Members of each country, which participated in the YOUNG LEADERS  implementation, gathered to have a meeting. During the gathering, they  discussed the terms and signed membership. They also elected SOS Europa
member Luca Bellino, to be the coordinator. All the current members are  NGO with whom we cooperated before and developed a good relationship.
They support the idea and express wish to do more and better.
Network I.A.N.G. was formed and now it is ready to be used to contribute  Erasmus+ program.