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SOS EUROPA is an independant NGO based in Rome. It was created to spread the European cultural values and improve integration inside and outside the Union, encouraging mobility of young people by promoting cultural and knowledge exchange, active European citizenship, networking opportunities. The Association is nonprofit and works exclusivly in the areas of social, human, civil and cultural solidarity and ethic research.

The Association organizes courses, trainings, seminars and it is partner to several European projects. It was founded in January 2016 by young people who have been working in associations and deal with EU issues. It employes a team of passionate young volunteers, experts in project planning and European policies.

In particular, SOS Europa focuses primarily on the following aims:

  • comitment to the creation of an intercultural and supportive societythat intearcts.
  • education to civil liability and active citizenship;
  • developing awareness, social consciusness and competence of young generations;
  • promotion of youth and social policies;
  • cultural education and youth policies on European and international level;
  • promotion of youth mobility in cultural, educational and work opportunities;
  • support for young artists in the fields of visual art, theater, music, performing arts and creative freedom in general;
  • promotion of free flow of ideas and development of IT softwares.
  • promotion and development of paths of non-formal education.

The most important aspect of our activities is the active participation of the people in need respecting their individuality, dignity, rights and life.


Non- governmental (non-commercial) legal entity “Center for Democracy Intensification” was established on January 4, 2015. Since its foundation, our activities are directed towards the establishment of a strong and educated new generation, which will contribute to the country’s democratic transaction process. Our main values are the protecting of human rights, democratic development, strengthening of civil society.
The main directions of the activity of our organization are: peaceful transformation of conflicts, development of civil consciousness, elections, promotion of euro integration and making own contribution, raising of awareness of the Association Agreement and monitoring its implementation,
strengthening democratic values and promoting informal education. The organization implements monitoring of various important processes, provides information to citizens and develops recommendations. One of the most widely distributed format activities is information campaigns, meetings with the public and trainings for youth. Members of our organization manage trainings on various issues. While beneficiaries are young people, ethnic minorities, religious minorities and persons with disabilities.

The Kultur & Art Initiative develop and implement art and culture projects. Kultur & Art Initiative has been established 16 years ago and is an intercultural and intergenerational non-profit association with members from different nations, age groups and with different careers who have got work experiences in media production, education and Art and cultural education for many years. Our aim is to produce projects with people from different origins. Our concept is based on contents of social and intercultural integration. We want to work against the passive culture consumption with active culture work. That is why we offer participants of our events creative and project-orientated opportunities. We also offer young people media educational workshops and international youth exchanges. In this context we arrange “youth in action” projects together with the EU. Our office is in Detmold, by the culture factory Hangar 21 in Detmold.

A non-profit organization founded in (2012) by a group of young believers in the importance of providing knowledge and participatory development among young people, And employ unlimited abilities to innovate and develop projects that benefit the community, In addition to maximizing the
use of all available opportunities, and a better future industry, dominated by concepts (Excellence, Renaissance, and upgrading). We offer youth programs consultations for the youth of the city. In our projects, we often deal with employment/unemployment, social inclusion, urban/rural development. Our organization promote the youngsters to write projects, we are giving the chance for them to participate in different activities,
programs like camps, trainings (journalism, writing projects, volunteering), forums with the local decision-makers and wi th other organizations
We have several thematic group activities for different kind of youngsters, such as art activities, sport activities, environmental activities too.
We work with different kind of activities like; Youth Exchange programme, Youth Camp, training Workshops, Building Workshops, International training Workshops.

Association PEL is non-profit, non-governmental organization with aim to improve the situation of young people and women in all areas of social life. This is achieved by promotion of human rights and voluntarism and their values and by making these things possible to all citizens. Members of PEL belong to different ethnic, religious or gender groups that live in Macedonia on age from 16 years old. Main fields on which we work on: promotion of human rights, gender issues, community awareness, entrepreneurship, migration, voluntarism. PEL has been working with EVS (European Voluntary
Service) since 2004 and has hosted and sent many volunteers. We can currently act as sending, hosting and coordinating organization (2013-SI-102).
Some of the activities we do:
– Organizing workshops, trainings, seminars, round tables, platforms about the values that we promote;

– Promotion of our aims and activities through media and public gathering;

– Organizing campaigns (local and national),

– Coordinating exchange of volunteers on local and national level;

– Cooperation with other local and international organizations that promote our values.

Our organisation was born as a response for the lack of information related with European mobility that young people have in Murcia, Spain. As a result of the crisis and the unemployment rate, the youngster are in a desperate situation in which they do not see a future therefore we are trying to show them their options, guide, help them to go abroad and encourage them to develop their personal skills. Therefore our main aims are:
-Promote our regional culture both in Spain and abroad
-Promoting European mobility of young people from Murcia
-Promote the volunteer opportunities and encourage the general population to develop their personal skills through
non-formal education.

Asociația Tinerilor cu Initiativa Civica (Association of Youth with Civic Initiative) is a youth organization, apolitical, NGO that aims to drive the development of the Romanian society attracting young people towards active citizenship and promoting the local and national cultural values.
A.T.I.C. was established in 2016 in Galați by a group of young people in order to contribute to the social and personal development of local youth.
We are active in our community – working with children and youth from placement homes, poor families, old people, unemployed and facing other social problems. In order to realize our objectives, we cooperate with families, local authorities, primary schools, high schools and universities and we
develop projects with them. Despite the fact we are a young organization, the key staff is very experienced in the NGO zone and Erasmus+ program, working in the field for more than 4 years, with very good results, in different positions and departments, among the local NGOs.

‘Youth Horizons’ is a non-governmental /non-profit organization in Megara, Greece. Megara is a seaside, historical and agricultural town of 35,000 inhabitants, half an hour away from the centre of Athens. ‘Youth Horizons’ was founded in 2014 in order to support and materialize the ideas and
initiatives of youth community. Main intention is to provide a wide spectrum of activities cultural, social, environmental, athletic & to encourage the active participation of youth in them. ‘Youth Horizons’, supporting the European idea and mobility, enables young people to participate in abroad activities such as: youth exchanges, training courses, evs etc. in order to develop their way of thinking and to share ideas, goals, knowledge, concerns, customs and traditions, culinary delights and experiences with young people from different cultures. Through this co-existence with the European and International ‘being’ young people have the opportunity to expand their spiritual and experiential horizons! Our motivation to listen to the needs of young people and create youth policies, reflects in the use of the key-word ‘Horizon’ in our organization’s name.

ACEHLC (Bulgarian abbreviation is AKSELS) is a legal person with non-profit purpose. Our team consists of 11 devoted members in the area of project management, cultural events and visual communications, photography, ICT, entrepreneurship, motivation, negotiations, risk and conflict management, music and languages. Our objectives are to work for strengthening of the family and spiritual values, civil society, culture, arts, education, science and technologies, health care and physical culture; to co-operate for creating an informed, social, collective and personal opinion for the necessity of measures for strengthening of the social thrust, avoiding conflicts, mutual tolerance, etc.; to apply, multiply and create good practices related to policies for youths and adolescents, to provoke interest towards sports activities and healthy way of life and environmental issues; to work with socially disadvantaged groups; participate in national and international campaigns to support the intercultural dialogue and preservation the cultural-historical heritage. The Association implements its activities following the principles of social justice and responsibility and not allowing any acts of discrimination and conflict of interests.



YE is an organization, founded in Slovakia as a local youth initiative with the aim to realise positive changes and develop activities on local but also international level in the field of education, labour market, protection of human rights and environment for personal and proffesional development of
youth and their integration into society. Our organization arranges educational activities, events and workshops. We support social inclusion through labour integration of youth and disadvantaged people. Organising of local events for youth in order to provide them information and get them know
fundamental rights and different opportunities during their life, studies and career in national and international measure to raise employability. Raising awareness campaigns include presentations about Erasmus+ projects, internships, EVS, entrepreneurs programme and so on. International activities and projects are based on contribution to the engagement of citizens at the democratic life of the European Union, promotion Slovak culture and traditions in multicultural environment. With collaborations of the European associations we organise voluntary events about human rights refugee issues. We have organised international project with the cooperation of Italian and Turkish organisation for support of refugee children.

The Municipality of Águeda is located in the NUT III area of Baixo Vouga and also part of NUT II level Centro Region, Portugal. The municipality is also in AMRia – Ria de Aveiro Municipalities Association and in GAMA – Grand Metropolitan Área of Aveiro, which is composed of 11 municipalities, all organized around Ria de Aveiro. The municipality has eleven parishes and of these Águeda is dominant for having the biggest urban centre and for being the Council capital. Águeda is managed by the municipality, which in turn is managed by a Municipal Executive. This Executive is lead by the
Mayor and a team of five elected councilors. The municipal executive is overseen by the Municipal Assembly that consists of 32 elected councillors. The Municipal Executive has a mandate to plan and manage the municipal territory within 4 year electoral cycles. Its mission is related to social-economic, environment and territorial development and to financial investment management in the Municipality. As a result its actions are directed towards the needs of its local community, namely considering social-economic development, spatial planning, public supplying, basic sanitation, healthcare,  education, culture, environment and sport.